///Chrome Folding Bed Cradle

Chrome Folding Bed Cradle


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The Days Chrome Folding Bed Cradle is specially designed to keep the bed clothes off the patient’s body. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from ulcers, skin irritation, painful legs and feet.

Key Features of the Days Bed Cradle

  • Made from chrome plated steel for greater stability and security
  • Easily fits under any size mattress
  • Can be positioned to any part of the bed required
  • Folds flat and can easily be stored away
  • Holds a maximum load of 5kg

Using the Days Folding Bed Cradle

The Bed Cradle perfectly supports the weight of the bed covers and reduces contact with the user’s injury. The base is placed between the mattress and the bed base, while the arms fold away flat for storage and easy transport.

Who Can Use the Days Chrome Folding Bed Cradle?

The Bed Cradle is suitable for anyone who needs to keep the bed covers lifted from a specific body part, especially the limbs. It is particularly useful for those suffering from ulcers, skin irritation, painful legs and feet.

3 in stock (can be backordered)


Dimensions of the Chrome Folding Bed Cradle
Height: 51cm (20″)
Length: 50cm (20.5″)
Overall width: 21cm (8.25″)